Recent Before & After Photos

Residential Carpet Drying

This house in Spartanburg, South Carolina was affected by a leak that flooded the carpets and floors around the house. In the pictures you can see the wet carpe... READ MORE

Residential Storm Damage Clean-Up

This home in Spartanburg County suffered some damages when a tree fell on the house. Our SERVPRO team responded quickly and helped this family get everything cl... READ MORE

Demo Pros

his mold infested house in Spartanburg, SC was the result of a roof leak. The water seeped through the roof and into the ceiling causing moisture to build and c... READ MORE

Crawlspace Flood Clean-up

A home here in Spartanburg County suffered major water damage in their crawlspace. As you can see in the first picture, there was a lot of standing water in the... READ MORE

SERVPRO Quality Drying

This storage room in Spartanburg, South Carolina suffered a small flood due to heavy rain that we saw one week here in Spartanburg. In the first picture you can... READ MORE

Basement Water Clean-up

These pictures are from a house in Spartanburg county after some heavy rain fall. There was so much rain that basement took in a lot of water. In the picture yo... READ MORE

Storm Aftermath

This home near the coast of South Carolina was hit hard by Hurricane Matthew. This house completely turned upside down. The winds destroyed furniture and the wa... READ MORE

Residential Storm Damage

When Hurricane Matthew hit back in 2016, it left a lot of home in that area basically under water. In this home you can see that all that water caused damage to... READ MORE

Assisted Living Home Water Damage

This assisted living home in the Spartanburg, SC area suffered a tremendous amount of water damage. The halls and rooms were flooded and baseboards had to be re... READ MORE

Mold Removal

This local home here in Spartanburg, SC suffered substantial mold damage all throughout the home. Because it was so bad, our team had to remove the walls or cei... READ MORE